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What is Tide Breaker?

Tide Breaker is a Tabletop RPG system that lets you step into the role of hyper-competent heroes and explore worlds that your group creates together from the ground up. Customize your abilities, get involved in clandestine plots, and engage in epic battles against numbers that would overwhelm almost anyone. Of course, it’d just be a warm-up for you. At least until the Big Bad shows up.
In Tide Breaker, if cinematographic combat is not your style, roleplaying your way and speaking through discussion to persuade anyone with your masterful diplomacy to make sure you get your way is always a great option. Of course, unless, you’ve spun yourself into a web losing all Hope, spelling out your Doom.
Hope and Doom are meta-currencies that may be used in both combat and non-combat situations. While the GM uses Doom as their resource, the players use Hope, and the tug of war of this instrumental currency conflict plays symphonic tidal waves through the roleplaying experience. The clever use of Hope and Doom will give a level of strategic gameplay that you can weave into the story fabric of your campaigns and settings.
The Stunt System within Tide Breaker allows you to fully customize your character’s and NPC’s abilities, creating some of the utmost unique and amazing creations where only your imagination is the limit.
Impress your friends with Showstoppers, where the best showstoppers ignite, exploding your chances of success into imaginative theatrical moments that you will never forget.

Tide Breaker Open Creative License

Yes, you read that correctly. Tide Breaker upon launch will immediately be available to all game creators, publishers, game designers, storytellers, writers, and everyone alike. At your fingertips, you will have one of the most powerful tabletop RPG systems that provide the most excellent level of imaginative cinematographic rules available in the Tabletop RPG community.
You will not only be able to create your own worlds, settings, and campaigns with Tide Breaker, you will also be allowed to commercially and legally publish any of those worlds, settings, and campaigns using the Tide Breaker system.
In fact, we take it a step further by helping promote you on TideBreakerRPG.com and our social media outlets.
At Smunchy Games, we strongly believe that anyone should be able to create, imagine, and sell their works for a fair price – and benefit from it.
We are here to help you do exactly that with Tide Breaker.

Oh, I didn't see ya there. All of the other recruits normally die once they hit the planet at full force. Let me greet you with somethin' proper.

Howdy stranger, welcome to io’Zaalus.

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The one miserable planet no human would wanna be condemned to die on. But here we are anyway. Don’t worry, she supports life.


The Story Setting of Shadow Tantrum


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You mean to tell me Chron hasn't visited your timeline yet? Give me a break and pick up a gun.

We are the last safe timeline.

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Of course not everyone around here joins Chron. That’s only if they can survive long enough to fight their way through the Soaren Network. The choice is yours, kid. Join us or Fight us. We Origin don’t have a whole lot of time left.


The Story Setting of Rift Shifters


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